What is the Right Age to Teach Your Daughter About Makeup

in General 01 January 1999

Deciding on the right age to teach your daughter about makeup can be difficult. When you choose to do so can depend on your individual situation, and whether there are any specific rules in place for your daughterís school that ban or limit makeup. You also have to think about whether or not itís better for you to introduce your daughter to makeup, or to let them try to get away with it in secret when out of the house; introducing your daughter to brands and teaching them whatís appropriate for their age can make it easier to avoid these mistakes.

In general, introducing makeup should start off slowly and build up as your daughter gets older. Light makeup might be used from age 10 to 11, or after starting secondary school, but with restrictions - some lip gloss and foundation can work well here. From 13 to 14, you might want to teach them about using concealer and more advanced techniques, before letting them take more control of their makeup from 15 to 17.

One thing that you want to avoid is trying to ban makeup at home, and them ending up wearing too much when they go out; an approach you might want to take is to go to a makeup counter or a spa day, where your daughter can receive professional advice on how to wear makeup; this can mean you end up with more trust over what they should be wearing, rather than letting them make mistakes.

Finding age appropriate looks can also mean teaching your daughter about the importance of moisturiser and other face creams for their complexion, as well as about what makeup works best for different purposes; this might include finding makeup for everyday looks and more formal styles, and can lead to them becoming much more experienced when theyíre young teenagers at knowing which makeup is right for which occasion.

You can similarly build your daughterís confidence with makeup by teaching them about leading brands like Crown Brush, and buying them makeup kits and some luxury items for their birthdays. This approach might be combined with spa days and other packages to enable your daughter to learn more about what makeup works for them, and where they can afford to spend more money on high quality items.

Ultimately, itís important to take a moderate approach with makeup; donít encourage too much makeup too early on, but make sure that your daughter knows how to use makeup appropriately when theyíre entering their teenage years so that you donít end up with a rebellion. You should also check what rules and regulations are being sent down by your daughterís school. Probably the worst thing you can do with a teen girl is to deny her the chance to use makeup at all, so taking an approach where you teach them about different types and uses of makeup is best.

Lisa jane is a mother of two teenage girls and blogger on parenting tips. She recommends using Crown Brush if you want to find age appropriate makeup for girls.

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