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in Special Feature 23 July 2015

Even though every weight-loss supplement claims to be the best, not all are efficient; and although most of these pills have the same ingredients (which are mainly stimulants like green tea and caffeine), the efficacy of each product is based on comprehensive ingredient formulas and dosing. Prior to starting to take weight loss supplements, you should perform a thorough research on the manufacturing company just to make sure their products are to be trusted. Additionally, a nutritionist or dietician must be consulted before beginning a treatment with dietary supplements.

Are weight loss supplements efficient?

Yes and no, it depends on various factors. Obesity rates in the US increase at an alarming pace, so it shouldnt come as a surprise that the weight-loss supplement market is increasing, too. Even though people can lose weight and burn fat without taking supplements, these tiny miracle workers have benefits some people may not be aware of. Thats mostly because diet pills have ingredients that suppress hunger; they contain stimulants means to boost peoples metabolic rates.

Of course, this doesnt mean that every supplement on the market is good for your health because its not. Many contain artificial ingredients and chemicals that can put your life in danger. Before purchasing a product, assess the ingredients and make sure that the benefits prevail over the side effects.

Most weight-loss supplements act like appetite suppressors

Certain food types contain solid amounts of protein and fiber; sadly, these also contain calories, and one of the main principles of losing weight is to cut back on carbohydrates. Weight-loss supplements suppress appetite thus keeping cravings under control, and stimulants like caffeine diminish the need to eat frequently. There have been many wonder plants and herbs discovered over the past few years; many like Hoodia - which is an herbal extract, may have tremendous appetite-suppressing properties. A 2007 study found that compounds that contained hoodia triggered a decline in food intake, thus suggesting that the extract might have weight-loss benefits.

Potential benefits of HCA

Scientifically known as Hydroxycitric Acid, HCA is in fact a type of salt. It comes from South African dried fruit rinds called Garnicia Gambodia and brindal berry. Centuries ago, it was used as an Indian remedy for stomach and joint pains. Nowadays, HCA can be found in major supplements and drug stores around the US and the world. Common names for this weight-loss supplement are Bio-Max 3000, Citrin, Garcinia Trim-Pulse, Citrilite, and more. There have been many studies performed on the effectiveness of HCA, and some have proven to be quite satisfactory. Apparently, the compound reduces the absorption of fat, inhibits appetite, boosts fat metabolism and lowers bad (LDL) cholesterol.

Weight-loss supplements facts vs. myths

People have mixed feelings as far as weight-loss supplements are concerned. Some praise their benefits, while others dont even believe that they work at all. Nevertheless, there are certain myths associated with diet pills, and we must not confuse them with the real facts. For starters, theres misconception that if you take weight-loss supplements youll lose weight without having to workout. This is a false allegation; exercise is advised to speed the fat burning process and keep the body alert.

Second, you wont lose weight if you eat whatever you like (e.g. junk food) and take dietary supplements. Its essential that you eat healthy and drink plenty of water when including diet pills into a diet in order to have a healthy digestive system. Junk food is not just bad for the health, but leads to a lot of stomach issues (e.g. constipation).

Last but not least, dont believe that if you pop a weight-loss supplement each day youll lose weight. Specialists emphasize that these pills MAY have benefits, but thats not a sure fact. Most of them are based on plant extracts (e.g. green tea, black tea) and caffeine, although you wont burn fat if you drink green tea in the morning.

Watch out for dietary supplements that are overly advertised. The internet is packed with bogus products that claim surreal results in a week. Before starting a treatment, check the veracity of your chosen supplement. It should have a complete list of ingredients, a physical address and office, properly-made website, customer reviews, and promising background in the weight-loss niche.

By John Smith and nuique.com!

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