Water water everywhere, so letís all have a drink.

in General 01 January 1999

Water is very important to your health and your body. Drinking water is vitally important in keeping yourself in good health. Often, people forget to drink water throughout the day and prefer to drink on fizzy drinks and fruit juices. On average, humans should drink around 2 litres of water a day. This may sound like a lot, but if you intake the 2 litres in small bottles throughout the day, it really isnít. Just keep some bottles in the car or take it into work with you.

This article, will try and layout some of the health benefits of drinking the recommended amount of water and why they affect your body in a positive way.


Your kidneys do the job of taking toxins out of your body, providing they are healthy. The way to keep them in a fit and healthy state is to drink the correct amount of water. Another reason to keep drinking water is because people who are hydrated have less of a chance to develop kidney stones. Avoid this painful illness and drink your recommended amount!


Keeping yourself hydrated is a good way to keep your skin looking younger! Making sure your skin is hydrated (this doesnít mean getting it wet from the shower!) is a good way to prevent dehydrated skin which can cause wrinkles or fine lanes on the face or anywhere on the body.


You can reduce the risks of cancer in the colon or bladder if you make sure you drink your recommended amount of water. The water helps to rid the colon and bladder of cancer causing toxins and reduces the amount of time the toxins are in contact with the body.

If youíre on a diet or thinking about going onto a diet, make sure you drink plenty of water. It safely reduces your weight by suppressing your appetite and therefore limiting your food intake. Itís also calorie free!


Ever have tired and strained muscles? Drinking more water may be the key to keeping them healthy. Keeping your muscles hydrated is important; it keeps them hydrated and keeps their performance fast and snappy.

Hopefully, after reading this article youíll be encouraged to drink lots more water. As you have seen, the benefits of drinking your recommended amount of water a day is impressive so make sure you and your loved ones drink regularly. You can get great fresh ice cold water for your home or office from places such as water coolers direct which will have plumbed in solutions to give you great tasting water.

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