Three surest and natural ways to ensure youthful skin

in general 29 July 2016
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Three surest and natural ways to ensure youthful skin

There are many things that affect your skin, apart from the sun and good genes. Skin aging is the result of a wealth of factors, and merely 20% of the factors are genetic. Believe it or not, there are lots of tips and tricks you can abide by to make sure your skin remains healthy, glowing and youthful. Sadly, unhealthy food, dehydration and mass-produced beauty products are the main cause of sagging, dry skin. Women care a lot about their skin. However, in an attempt to reach perfection, many end up adopting all the wrong treatments only to realize that theyíre doing more harm than good to their complexion and body. Here are three key guidelines that guarantee the best results.

Sweets should reduced to a minimum 

If you enjoy sugary foods, you might want to give them up right now if you want to have beautiful skin. The moment sugar enters the body; it breaks down and penetrates the bloodstream. Then it makes a connection with protein molecules through a well-known process commonly called ďglycationĒ. This process is the main culprit for degraded elastin and collagen, which are fundamental fibers in charge of your skinís physical appearance. The result Ė wrinkles, sagging and dry skin that looks 10 years older than it is.

Giving up sweets is tough, although this doesnít mean you canít do anything. Instead of enjoying ice-cream, chocolate, and brownies all day long, why not replace them with healthier variants like honey, peanut butter, fruits, or natural shakes? However, these should be consumed in moderation. Simple carbohydrates contained in candy and soft drinks convert into sugar extremely fast when they reach the body. 

Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are fundamental

If you want your skin to look glowing and feel soft, you need to feed it properly. Common skin care products everyone can find in the market are not that recommended, and thatís mainly because the results are temporary. You may believe that your skin is super soft after youíve put on a certain cream, but if you donít use it daily the effect fades away. Beautiful skin comes from within. It has to be nourished with quality nutrients for it to look amazing on the surface too. Omega-3 fatty acids for instance, help reduce inflammatory compound production (a process directly linked to aging) within the body.

Clinical results show that omega-3 supplements can help improve the overall aspect of the skin, thus helping reduce scaling, pruritus and erythema, as well as other inflammatory skin issues like psoriasis and acne. Omega-6 on the other hand, stimulates proper skin growth. Since the body canít produce this fatty acid on its own, it is important to include it in our diet from other sources like whole grains, olive oil, starflower oil, garlic and fresh fruits.

Homemade scrubs and facial treatments

The effects of a homemade scrub on the skin can be outstanding. Itís all about blending the right ingredients and making sure you use it immediately. Unlike bottled creams and lotions that last for months in a jar, all-natural skin products donít last that long because they donít contain any chemicals or artificial ingredients to prolong their life span. The best blends are made with ingredients we probably already have around the house.

Blend 1 tablespoon of honey with 1 egg and 1 tablespoon of sugar and apply on the arms and legs. Scrub gently and wash. All the dead skin on the surface will be eliminated, your skin will be nourished with all the ingredients in the honey and egg, and your skin will fee soft and silky.

The three tips we mentioned above essential to adhere to if you want to have a beautifully, healthy and younger looking appearance. However, you wonít be able to enjoy any of the benefits if you donít hydrate your body properly. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, or if you donít enjoy plain water opt for alternatives like watermelon, lemon drinks without added sugar, citrus fruits or fruit shakes. Dehydrated skin looks dry and flaky; fine lines and wrinkles will become more visible and even skin discolorations might happen. Care for your complexion; give it all the nutrients it needs to feel good and it will be good as well. 

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