The Benefits of Yoga

in Special Feature 23 July 2015

Two members of the team are qualified Yoga teachers and are experts in Ayurveda, the ancient Indian healing therapy. So you might say were biased! But have you ever practised Yoga, either at home, in a health club, or in a Yoga centre? If not, it is definitely something to try.

Yoga helps with physical and mental fitness and is something kids and adults of all ages can do. There are various styles including the well-known Iyengar Yoga developed by BKS Iyengar, through to Ashtanga Yoga, which will give you a workout you wont forget in a hurry! Hot Yoga is also very popular.

The BBC has a couple of really interesting videos of BKS Iyengar demonstrating Yoga, the first dating from 1966. Please click here to view.

With different styles of Yoga for different needs of the person, the benefits include:

  • Improved efficiency of lungs and cardio-vascular system

  • Improved posture, flexibility and strength

  • Improved concentration

  • Enhanced feeling of well-being

  • Better quality sleep

  • Reduction of anxiety and depression

  • For more information please click here for the BWY - The British Wheel of Yoga, which is the governing body for Yoga in the UK.

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