Six essentials to keep you healthy at home and work

in Special Feature 23 July 2015

For most of us, keeping fit and healthy isnt as simple as watching what we eat, exercising regularly or sitting in a designer ergonomic chair. It takes a little more effort and mindfulness.

Thankfully the world of technology has advanced to the point where bracelets and smartphones can monitor our sleeping patterns, heartbeat rhythm and calories burnt while working out, as well as remind us that weve been sitting for too long. Its truly remarkable.

Below are 6 essential items that we believe could make your life a little easier when it comes to health matters.

1. The Hapifork (above)

Gone are the days when you tried to convince yourself you only had 4 bites of cheesecake. The Hapifork counts how many times you shovel food into your mouth and then records it on your smartphone. When youre eating too fast it gently buzzes, reminding you to slow down and not inhale your food.

2. iHealth Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitor

Diabetics rejoice, theres new and more convenient glucometer on the market. Now you can keep track of your blood glucose on your iOS or Android device. The device comes with a lancet and 50 test strips to get you started. The test takes about 5 seconds and then shares the data to your device via Bluetooth. It also sends reminders to take your medication on time.

3. LUMOback

Good posture is essential for your backs and spines health, and the LUMOback helps you achieve just that. It consists of an electronic belt you wear around your waist that monitors your posture and vibrates when you slouch, telling you to sit up straight.

The data is sent to an app on your smartphone, showing you an image of what your posture looks like by using a stick-figure man.


Staying hydrated is a vital part of your day to day wellbeing. Many people skip out on the H20 because their tap water may be unsanitary and bottled water becomes expensive after a while. Another issue is that good quality drinking water is often inaccessible in the office where they work.

The BIBO water filter and dispenser solves these problems and generally makes life easier. Its pretty, functional and compact, so fits in any home or small office environment. You can enjoy your favourite hot or cold beverage at the touch of a button without worrying about contaminants and creepy crawlies making their way into your glass. It connects to the mains water supply and removes all harmful impurities via the carbon and UV light filtration system, before dispensing a glass of ice cold or hot H20.


The VARIDESK is an adjustable platform that combats sitting disease and various other ailments resulting from remaining sedentary all day.

This standing desk can fit onto your office or home table and is easily adjustable, taking you from seated to standing in a couple of seconds. It also comes with its own handy app, downloadable from their website. The app reminds you to stand up after every 45 minutes of sitting.

6. GymGym Chair

If standing desks arent your thing, what about a workout chair? The GymGym chair does look slightly extra-terrestrial, but it provides you with a range of exercise options for a full-body workout. It utilises resistance bands for a variety of arm, leg, shoulder, back and core exercises.

Paying attention to your wellbeing at home and the office shouldnt be a headache. These gadgets will simplify your life and help you on the way to a better, healthier and happier you.

Christine Kleyn is the content manager for BIBO in the UK and her articles have been featured on several health, wellbeing and productivity sites. Connect with her on Twitter and Google+.

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