Simple Tips To Help You Stay Positive When Youíve Been Diagnosed With Kidney Disease

in General 01 January 1999

So your doctor has just dropped the bomb and told you that youíre suffering from kidney disease! Your mind is all over the place, youíre shaking and feel like your world is totally upside down. Your sweating with fear, not sure what this actually means or whatís going to happen.

You donít know what to do but start by talking to your doctor and other so called kidney specialists. You feel like your life is over and that youíll never be the same again. You wish it was all a dream and that youíre going to wake up any moment from it!

Most people who have been diagnosed with kidney disease will go through the phase of first denying it, then getting angry, then getting depressed and finally accepting it as their new reality. It isnít pretty this is the process that most people go through.

Once you have gotten over the denial stage itís going to be in your interest to make sure that you stay as positive as you possibly can. Not only will this make you feel a lot better (mentally and physically) but having a positive mindset will be the base you need establish from where you will be able to move forward to healing yourself and getting into great health.

There are many research studies out there, such as the work done by Dr Candace Pert and Bruce Lipton that proves that the mind is very powerful and the one thing that will affect your body in a physiological way.

Therefore itís going to be in your interest to make sure that you keep a positive outlook no matter how grim things look. The better you feel the more motivated youíre going to be to do those things that will help you get into good health.

Another thing to note is that youíre not going to want to be one of those people that keeps bouncing about from being positive to negative all the time. This is both physically and mentally draining and not what you want do do if youíre serious about improving the condition of your health. The good news is that if you implement the tips that I share with you below then you will be well on your way to getting positive mindset you need to move forward...

Tip 1: Stop Labeling Yourself Negatively

Most people out there immediately bash themselves negatively when something goes wrong. They start to tell themselves that they are terrible people, or that they should have done such and such to see the desired end result they wanted. Or they will want to hide the fact that they are suffering with kidney disease because they will be constantly worried about what people will think of them. But seriously you need to stop doing this to yourself because youíre weighing yourself down and placing unnecessary limits on yourself!

2. Your biggest problems are the best things that will ever happen to you.

Do your research on the most successful people of all time and youíll find that some of their greatest successes came after a period of great hardship. This hardship was what drove them to achieve the great things that they are now known for!

Your situation with kidney disease is no different. You can be sure that this is an opportunity for you to move forward and get into the best health of your life.

While a lot of people out there with chronic illnesses arenít going to go on to achieve some great success on the outside they will be able to achieve great things within their own lives. Some people will go on to appreciate life a lot more than they ever did before, others will really start to appreciate their family members that much more, while many others will truly know how strong they are as people among many other things!

So believe me, when I say that your life is far from over even when youíve been diagnosed with kidney disease. Instead of sitting there moping around, you need to get re-energized with life and start looking at the hidden blessings that are awaiting to be discovered!

3. Look At Your Healing Process as a Step-By-Step Process

No great thing was ever accomplished overnight. Rather it was the process of taking it one step at a time that really ended with them achieving what they had set out to achieve.

You really need to stop looking at the end goal and getting overwhelmed because you feel that it will take too much work. You just need to remain committed and keep putting in the work every single day. One step at a time will eventually lead you to overcoming kidney disease and getting into really incredible health in no time at all.

4. Start Being Grateful For Everything You Have

Just the simple act of being grateful will help you appreciate everything that you have been blessed with and this will result in you not even thinking about what you donít have.

A great way to make a habit of being grateful is to wake up every single day and just write down everything that youíre grateful for. Repeat this every single day and youíll end up feeling amazing throughout the day.

It really doesnít matter what your list consists of because every single person will be different. Just write down all the things that pop in your mind. Believe me this one step is extremely powerful! Another thing that can be extremely powerful is to start being grateful for your good health and for the healing that youíre getting for your kidneys.

This is kind of an affirmation that will help you feel better and better every single day and this will result in you making better choices that will propel you to great health.

5. Exercise As Often As You Can

As I mentioned in the beginning of this article, the connection between the mind and the body is inseparable. This means you need to develop a healthy mind in order to get a healthy body. But this also means you are going to have to create a healthy body to get a healthy mindÖ and the best way to ensure this happens is to participate in regular forms of exercise.

Just imagine a dead person in your mind. I bet the first thing you see is a stiff and hard corpse that isnít moving. Now imagine a perfectly healthy and alive person. This individual is moving with energy, doing things and living life!

You can say that the very act of moving about is something that is only associated with an individual that is alive. Therefore by engaging in some form of exercise youíre improving both your mind and your body. You are getting rid of the negative energy inside you and building it up with some positive energy.

When it comes to exercise, I personally believe that the most important thing youíre ever going to do is engage in that activity that you absolutely love and find joy participating in. The reality is that if you do something that youíre not enjoying then you are eventually going to give up and go back to your old way of life!

So itís going to be in your interest to make sure that you are out there trying lots and lots of different things. Try different kinds of sportsÖ yoga, tai chi, pilates, skateboardingÖ whatever you can think of just try it because you really donít know what you will end up enjoying.

So there you go guys, those my are five tips to help you get out there and get the positive mindset you need to overcome kidney disease and get into really incredible health. The good thing is that these tips arenít limited to just people that are suffering with kidney disease but anyone that wants to improve their health and life in general.

Jenny McNally has a deep passion for helping people all over the world overcome kidney disease and get into the best health of their lives. If you'd like to read more articles on the topic of overcoming kidney disease then be sure to head over to where you will find all the information you need to get amazing results in record time!

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