Keep a Spring in your step on Holiday

in General 01 January 1999

Taking your kids on holiday can be one of the greatest joys of their childhood, but you donít want them to get sick and spend the entire trip in bed. There are some precautions you can take to ensure your holidays are happy and healthy.

Travelling Abroad

Going on holiday outside of your country of origin can be one of the easiest ways for your children to get sick. The flying, strange foods, different time zones, and new activities can make a child vulnerable to illnesses. The biggest concern when travelling to a new country is making sure your little ones gets the essential vaccinations. If you are taking your holiday in Gambia you will need different shots your child will need and any possible side effects. Different countries have different risks and your home country may have different requirements. The common vaccines include typhoid, yellow fever, Japanese B encephalitis, meningitis, and rabies.

Another consideration is that with vaccinations you will need to plan ahead. Different shots take longer to be effective in your body, and some require more than one dose. This means you will need to plan ahead before travelling abroad. Keep in mind that your children may have different reactions and will need recovery time before any activity.

Be Prepared

Preparedness is the best way to stay ahead of possible illnesses. When you are packing include all your childís current medications, include extras if possible, and let your doctor know you will be travelling. Letting your doctor know ahead of time will give you a point of contact in case you need to visit a doctor while you are away.

Make a medical and personal information card about each child to keep with you. This card should include your childís name, address, home phone number, and phone number of where you can be reached while on holiday. Also any known allergies, blood type, immunization records, doctorís name, address, office, and emergency phone numbers. Donít forget to add your insurance information and contact information. Other important information to note will include current medical conditions, allergies, and current medications.

To be safe you will want to pack a stomach reliever such as Petpto Bismal, a cold medication, pain reliever, and Neosporin for cuts and scrapes. Donít for the sunscreen whether you are going to the beach or mountains. Sunburn is even possible on the snow.


No matter how prepared you are your child may still get sick. If this happens do not panic. Anytime you are travelling away from your childís normal routine, eating different food, and interacting with different people they are at a higher risk for coming down with an illness. Travel related illness such as motion sickness and diarrhea pose a significant threat to children especially.

In case your child comes down sick, you will want to be prepared with over the counter medications and insurance information. Most importantly do not panic. Your parental instincts will kick in and you will know what to do. If you have to contact a doctor in your holiday home, ask lots of questions and keep your child come.

Taking an Adventure Holiday

Every parent worries that their child is not active enough during their breaks from school. One way to counteract this worry is to keep your child busy and active during holiday. Adventure holidays are wonderful way to keep your little ones active from skiing, to hiking, to exploring unfamiliar worlds. With plenty of exercise your little ones are bound to be healthy and vibrant.

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