Ironman Equipment

in special Feature 09 October 2015

Equipment to success? Tech Tips from the reigning Ironman World Champ
Welcome to the third of our webclips about the current Ironman World Champion Sebastian Kienle who will try to defend his title on Saturday 10th October 2015 in Kona, Hawaii.

In this video Sebastian talks about how important the technical development of the Ironman equipment has been for the progression of the sport, and explains the key parts of his equipment:

  • The neoprene suit for swimming
  • The bike and the helmet for cycling
  • The shoes for running
He shines a light on how material changes and advances in technology have helped to improve the athletes’ performances.

We also join him at the Mercedes Benz wind tunnel, where aerodynamics tests help him to optimise his bike's performance.

Please also see the first part of this series, Fascination Ironman, and Part 2, Sebastian Kienle – The Defending Champion.

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