How to keep your mouth healthy

in special Feature 23 July 2015

Whilst there is plenty in the headlines at the moment regarding our general health and the levels of obesity throughout the UK; the health of our mouth is often overlooked. Keeping your mouth and in turn your teeth healthy is essential to your overall health and of course, your smile. Whilst visiting your local dentists in Petersfield is important, there are a few other tips you should keep in mind to ensure your mouth and your teeth remain as healthy as possible.

A healthy diet

A healthy diet is good for your waistline but great for your teeth, so keep this in mind when youre thinking of eating that chocolate bar! Everything you eat and drink causes tooth decay so it is important that you choose what youre eating wisely. So, ensure your diet is balanced and includes; vegetables, fruit and good sources of both starch and protein.

Reduce the sugar

Sugar is the main cause of tooth decay, so try to reduce your sugar intake where possible. Most of the sugars we eat and drink can be found in; fizzy drinks, sweets, chocolate and pastries. The reduction in sugar will also save you a few dentist trips!

Quit the smoking

Whilst we are all aware of the damage smoking causes to your health and many of us simply dont need to be reminded; smoking is terribly bad for your teeth.

Smoking is known for staining your teeth yellow, causing bad breath and leading to mouth cancer and lung disease. Giving up smoking can prevent these side effects from occurring and keep both your teeth and your mouth super healthy.


Now, we all like the odd glass of wine or pint of beer on a Friday night to unwind from our busy week at work, however, when drunk excessively alcohol is linked to mouth cancer. In fact, according to Cancer Research UK; 75-80% of mouth cancer patients say they drink alcohol frequently.

Alcohol also causes decay of the teeth leading to a loss of enamel which inevitably weakens your teeth and can lead to an increased amount of fillings required.

So, in order to keep your teeth and mouth in tip top condition you should watch what youre putting into your body. With the right diet, limited alcohol consumption and a ban on those cigarettes, there is no reason your smile wont be worth a million dollars.

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