How To Increase Sales in 2015

in Special Feature 23 July 2015

Now that we're into the New Year, it is time to start thinking about how you would like 2015 to be different to 2014. Even if last year was pretty successful, you should be aiming for bigger and better in 2015. For most businesses this means generating more interest in their brand and in turn increasing sales.

It is easy to assume that you can only increase sales by putting more into advertising and concentrating on promotion. However, whilst these can help they are not the things that matter most. Any company can throw money into extensive advertising campaigns, if you want to be successful then you need to think outside of the box.

Your Employees Matter

There is no doubt that your company is only as strong as your workforce. Although you probably want to try and do everything yourself, that is just not possible. Instead you need to rely on a team of people to help you.

If you are relying on other people to do work for you, then you need to make sure that they are a team you can trust. A big part of this is down to having a workforce that works hard. Without a doubt, a happy workforce is one that is going to work much more efficiently for you. This means more than just paying them a fair wage. You need to make sure that they have work conditions that keep them happy to be there.

Looking After Their Wellbeing

Although you can't possibly be in charge of every health aspect of your employees lives, there are certain ways that you can help out. For example, if your employees are stressed at work then this can have a detrimental effect on the rest of their life. So, if you can create a calm working environment then this is a positive for everyone.

When your employees are happier at work then the chances are they will work better and more efficiently. People who are unhappy at work are likely to call in sick or give excuses for why they can't complete tasks. The truth is that these are costly to your business and something that you are going to want to avoid. Look after their wellbeing and you are going to have a workforce that works much better for you.

Happy Employees Work Harder

On top of looking after their wellbeing to stop sick days, it is also worth noting that happy employees work much harder. When someone feels that their work is being appreciated they are much more likely to be more productive. When you are paying someone a wage you want to make sure that you are getting the best value for money. Rather than just forcing someone to work hard, you should encourage this on their own accord. This is going to be much easier if employees are happy and content in their role.

How Massage Can Help

If you speak to employees across the board many of them will tell you that it is stress that causes their job role not to be as happy as it could be. If you have a workforce that is anxious and stressed then they are never going to be as productive for you as they could be.

One way to help employees feel much more stress free is office massage. We know that massage has very many relaxation benefits but often we don't couple this up with the work place. If you offer the chance for your employees to undertake massage sessions you'll find that there is a massive change in how they feel and they will feel less stressed.

It sounds like such a simple change to make, but many businesses have reported big changes and massive improvements in productivity.

Selling More Products in 2015

If you have a workforce that is happy and working hard then this is the best way to increase your sales. It is all well and good driving people into your stores and onto the phone to make calls, but really it is down to your workforce to turn these into sales.

So, rather than concentrating on promotion and advertising you need to think of things from the inside out. Keep your employees happy and build a solid workforce, because this gives you the best possible chance of turning leads into sales.

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