Guest Post - Amazing Weight-Loss Success Stories That Will Inspire You

in General 02 January 2015

Are you feeling discouraged with your body, diet and workout plan? Are you tired of constant weight battle? Dieting and exercising may seem exhausting and pointless when no one around you supports you. That’s why reading stories of other people who successfully lost weight may inspire you and show you that you’re not alone. Make your weight-loss dreams a reality! Read these inspiring stories and follow their examples.

Amber Riley

This “Glee” star went through chronic stomach discomfort when she realized it was her time to become healthy. She used to consume fast food on the daily basis and had to fight an uncontrollable urge to eat when she started her new exercise plan. She already is two dress sizes slimmer than seven months before and she is not going to stop.
She believes that a healthy diet and a right exercise plan could make miracles. Don’t exhaust yourself with a very strict diet, love your body and eat healthy. This way you will achieve more results than you think!

Jessica Simpson

Even though she gained 70 pounds while being pregnant Jessica still looked stunning. After giving birth to a beautiful baby girl Jessica set her sights on the idea of extensive weight-loss program with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak. She lost most of the pregnancy weight in five months! Dedication and commitment can make a difference!

Manuel Uribe

Manuel used to be one of the heaviest men on the planet. A weight of 1,316 pounds prevented him from leaving the house and having a normal life. His doctors were pessimistic claiming that his weight would shorten his life.
A revolutionizing Zone diet allowed him to drop his weight to 440 pounds in February 2012. What’s his secret? A diet of 2,000 calories. He eats only fish and chicken fillets, fresh green vegetables, and egg-white omelets. Manuel wanted to lose weight in a healthy way that’s why he refused to go through a gastric-bypass surgery.

Perez Hilton

Known as “Queen of all media” Perez is not only a media guru, but also a dedicated fitness addict. He used to be chubby and was not happy with his image his entire life until he decided to change. It took him four years of healthy dieting and exercising to lose 70 pounds and work on his killer abs. Perez exercises seven days a week. Pilates, gym, yoga, biking and hiking keep him fit and energized. He says that a right food balance also prevents him from cheating on his diet.
Even if losing weight may seem impossible, you can get inspired by these success stories. Beautiful food images and restaurant advertisements may tempt you even more. Our hectic lives give us little time for friends, families, not to mention sport related activities. However, if you’re goal is to lose weight you have to be determined and give up your junk food addiction. Buy a healthy cookbook and start experimenting with healthy eating. Looking good does not mean starving yourself, it means feeling good. Even though it requires time, the benefits of the weight-loss journey are worth it.

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