Gathering of Minds

in Archived 01 January 1999

Juicing Vs. Smoothies an article by Danny Saggers. Please click here to find out which is best.

Gathering of Minds is all about giving people inspiration and motivation to become more confident, happy and healthy . Anything can be overcome. Anything is possible. But its more than that.

We delve into some really interesting topics such as Plant Medicines, Consciousness, Law of Attraction, Lucid Dreaming. We look at the Mind, NLP, Positive Psychology and the Emotions. The body isn’t excluded either and so far we have had Raw Food Demo’s & talks, Bio-nutrition, talks on Vitamins & Minerals and not forgetting Natural Healing stories. Some of the speakers have completely healed themselves of ‘incurable’ diseases.

We are multi-dimensional with a Mind, Body and a Soul. Gathering of Minds recognises this and aims to bring top speakers and coaches who will share knowledge and information, for the Mind, Body and Soul.

Please click the video below for a fascinating talk on lucid dreaming by Nick Barrett.

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