Five natural fat burners that can help to burn more calories

in General 29 July 2016
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Five natural fat burners that will help give you an extra edge to burn more calories

Itís almost summer time and many people have already started working out and eating clean to lose weight and get back in shape. If only it were that simple! Burning fat may seem like the easiest job when trying to shed extra weight; however, things are a bit more complicated than that. Sometimes, a strict diet and a regular workout routine donít stimulate the body enough, and thus the weight loss process becomes increasingly more tedious. To speed up the fat burning process you might want to include in your diet the following foods:

Whole grains 

Whole oats, brown rice, buckwheat groats and unhulled barley are excellent choices for whole grains when attempting to shed extra weight. However, all these should be consumed in raw form. They have about 500 kcal/pound; which basically means they can be consumed until the body feels full and comfortable. Unlike processed foods, whole grains have the ability to boost your metabolism and burn calories faster. This can be done because whole grains contain fibre, which helps keep your digestive tract in excellent condition. When consuming whole grains, it is equally important to drink plenty of water to make sure the body stays hydrated.
Omega-3 fatty acids 

The best source of omega-3 fatty acids is salmon. Contrary to popular belief, not all fats are bad for your health. Omega-3s for example, enable the body to lose weight when switching to enzymes; these enzymes trigger the fat burning process within the cells. Foods high in healthy fatty acids donít just shed extra weight; they help to improve your mood and even trim your cravings for junk foods. Apart from wild salmon, other great sources of omega-3 are seeds and nuts. Omega-3 is vital when trying to burn more fat and lose weight. It can be your closest friend in your journey to a more healthy body; however it is important to be in caloric deficit for this approach to work, which means that you need to eat fewer calories per day than you burn. 

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)

CLAs are famous for their fat burning abilities. Natural sources are found in dairy products, and should definitely be included in your diet when trying to lose weight. CLAs are fatty acids created during the fermentation process of food within the stomach of the animals that make them. When the conjugated linoleic acid is formed, it is transferred into the milk and meats of the producing animals. CLA is not stored within our bodies as fat, but rather fosters the burning process and turns it into energy. These acids speed the burning of fat, particularly within our bodies. If you crave a toned, clean body, you might want to start including more dairy and lean meat into your daily diet. 


Better known as antioxidants contained in green tea, polyphenols help the body lose weight by stimulating the metabolism. Studies performed on the effects of antioxidants when trying to lose weight have shown that polyphenols can increase our bodyís metabolic rate by 17%; thus speeding up the fat burning process. Green tea antioxidants in particular block weight gain. Drinking more on a daily basis prevents you from over-eating and burns more fat at the same time if youíre also working out.


Chitosan comes from a substance called chitin, and it is a type of fibre. The substance develops in crustaceans like squid, crab, shrimp and crayfish, although it is indigestible. Chitosan can only be consumed as a supplement. It helps lower cholesterol levels and supports weight-loss. As opposite to other types of fibre, chitosan attaches to the fat within the body and takes it along until ejected; thus preventing fat from being absorbed. The effects of this fat-burner can be major, although further research on the matter is still being performed.

Burning more calories on a daily basis and losing weight along the way might seem like a challenging task. But then again if youíre trying to get back in shape and look clean and lean this summer, you must be willing to make sacrifices. Include healthy foods in your diet, exercise regularly, and pay more attention to the natural fat burners we mentioned above on your journey to a healthy, vigorous body. 
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