Choosing a New Hairstylist?

in Special Feature 23 July 2015

Everyone at some point, has found themselves in the position of finding a new stylist. Once again, the thought of trusting your flowing locks to someone else is the stuff of nightmares you are on the lookout for someone gets your style, who knows what you mean when you say and frankly, gives you the cut and style you need and want, at the price you want to pay.

The explosion of the internet into our lives have made some searches easier but if you are in the position of seeking a new stylist, take a wander through some of these ideas

Word-of-mouth or I like your hair. Where do you get it cut and styled? conversation
People love being complimented and our hair is something we love people noticing when we have done something different, or had it cut in a slightly different way. If you genuinely like the cut, ask them where they have it!

Hairstylists are passionate about what they do and this comes across in not only great styling and cutting, but the customer service experience on offer too. So if you are referred to a salon, tell them who recommended you!

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Social media
Everyone loves social media and it is the way that people share and interact these days, from the power of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and all the other fabulous social media platforms, stylists and salons can now let the world know of your triumphs and successes with your new haircut and style being just one of them.

Hair salons welcome online reviews and comments as it shows their commitment to give you, the customer, the very best each time you visit.

Lets get really serious online reviews
For some, having their haircut is a holistic experience. It is not just a jump in the chair and take a few inches off, as quick as you can. For many people, it is about me time, the afternoon in a busy, hectic work and family life that is tranquil, calm and peaceful. For others, their hair is their personal statement to the world. And for those looking for a stylist, online reviews can be the serious note in their search for the right person.

Their services and we dont just mean having your nails done too!
Many salons offer a whole heap of delicious services that are there for the taking; from cutting and styling hair, to nails, waxing and other beauty treatments. But when we say other services, we also mean the ease and accessibility of accessing their services.

Like many professional services, modern hair salons are now offering unbelievable flexibility when it comes to booking appointments, with many offering online booking systems. This is a great way to choose the time that not only really suits you, but also at a time when you are relaxed, ready to take the plunge with a new style or colour.

NuYu in Lichfield have an online booking system so you can book whenever you want all you need to do is register. And they have a great online chat facility, so any questions or worries you have, you just log on and ask!

The products used
There are many well-known brands of hair colours and beauty products. The reasons why salons stick with these is that they are known and trusted by the customer; many of these larger brands also offer exclusive and in-depth training on how to use their products to the maximum effect. It is always worth a look to see what salons are using what. Aveda, for example, is a well-used brand for hair colour as it is gives amazing colour, without harshness.

Is it all about price?

Styling, cutting and colouring should enhance your hair, not dry it to a frazzle

For some people it can be. After all, the UK has not enjoyed the best of economic times recently, and so for some people, visiting a salon for hair styling and treatment is not essential. In terms of pricing, how much it costs should accurately reflect the skills involved.

But, paying hundreds for a haircut is not a possibility for many people and so for a cut by a top stylist, you would be expecting exceptional service.

But if budget is an issue, why not let new talent take to your luscious locks? But dont panic and think you will have an untrained stylist hacking at your hair with blunt scissors! Many salons work in close partnership with local training colleges and welcome many apprentice hairdressers through their doors. Up and coming salons also have their own training courses or schemes that they support employees to complete so that the services they offer their clientele can be wide and varied.

Is it time you took the plunge and found a new stylist?

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