An Introduction to Feng Shui - Part 1

in General 01 January 1999

By Jackie Tyrrell*

Feng Shui locates and corrects imbalances and blockages in the vital energy flow of your home. If you are feeling stuck in any area of your life, it might be that the energy of your home is stuck. Feng Shui will help improve the atmosphere and flow of energy in the home and create an environment in which a person can succeed and flourish.

Chi energy flows into our homes through windows and doors. A fundamental principle of Feng Shui is that the home is an accurate reflection of our lives and therefore Chi energy that is moving too fast or stagnating in the home or office means that some area of our life or business will be affected.

Clutter is the biggest obstacle to a smooth flow of Chi because it creates a blockage that prevents it from manoeuvring. If the house or work place is cluttered the Chi will circulate sluggishly around. This stagnation will in turn affect the occupants or staff making them feel confused, sick or stuck in a rut.

On the other hand if the energy within the home or working environment moves too fast this can make people feel under pressure and therefore more likely to act impetuously. Also Chi that moves too fast from the front to the back of the house is often associated with losing wealth (money coming in but going straight out again.)

Chi is an invisible life force or energy that flows through all things. It is an energy that is more subtle than electric, magnetic and thermo-nuclear energies.

The biggest obstacle to the smooth flow of chi is clutter. Understanding why we collect clutter is an important first step in letting go of it. Clutter can be defined as anything which is not:

  • Genuinely useful

  • Genuinely cherished or loved

  • Orderly

  • Only you can decide if something is genuinely useful or loved. It is how you perceive it.

    Geopathic Stress
    The word 'Geopathic' comes from the word 'geo' meaning 'Earth' and 'pathos' meaning disease. It covers naturally occurring phenomena that cause problems for us and our homes.

    Geopathic Stress or harmful earth energy is natural radiation that rises up through the earth and is distorted by weak electromagnetic fields created by underground subterranean running water, certain mineral concentrations and geological faults. Human beings can also disturb the Earthís energies. Quarries, tunnels, mines, polluted water and railway cuttings have all been found to contribute negative effects.

    The most common indications of Geopathic Stress are resistance to treatment (conventional, or alternative), feeling run down and exhausted, depression, nervousness, pallor, allergies, insomnia, restless sleep, migraine, feeling cold, cramps, tingling in arms and legs, sleep walking, grinding teeth, nightmares, fatigue, headaches on waking or just a feeling of bad luck.

    How to tell if you are suffering from Geopathic Stress.
    Some plants love Geopathic Stress. These include ivy, mushrooms, mistletoe, bindweed, foxgloves, nettles, docks, and medicinal herbs. Fruit trees and many plants will suffer. Twisted or stunted growth and gaps in hedges may be clues.

    Ants, bees, wasps, parasites, bacteria, viruses and compost heaps thrive.

    Cats, owls, slugs and snails are attracted to Geopathic Stress. A catís favourite sleeping place (in the absence of an obvious place of warmth) is often on a Geopathic Stress line.

    Lawns will often have bare patches, moss, silver weed and fungi, while vegetable gardens may have stunted growth.

    Use the above information as a base for some detective work. Look around your home and garden to see if you can find any tell-tale signs. Think about the time you moved into your home: did your life, health or luck start to change.

    Geopathic Stress can be dealt with by various methods so it will no longer be a problem to your health or home.

    In Part 2 of our Introduction to Feng Shui we will examine:

  • Electro-magnetic Fields

  • House Cleansing

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    * Jackie Tyrrell is an accredited Feng Shui consultant and trained at The Feng Shui Academy. She is Secretary on the Feng Shui Society Executive, a professional organisation of Feng Shui consultants and teachers in the UK.

    Jackie has undergone extensive training, works to the Feng Shui Societyís code of ethics and has professional indemnity insurance.

    Jackie believes that by balancing the energies in your environment and by making simple and inexpensive alterations in your home or business, you can experience life transforming changes which will help create a happier and brighter future.

    For more information please click here to visit Jackie's website.

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