A Crowdfunding Boob?

in General 29 July 2016

Remember Alan Barnes? The visually impaired man who was mugged outside his own home and broke his collarbone when he was knocked to the ground? A Good Samaritan called Katie Cutler was so touched by Alan's plight that she raised enough money on crowdfunding site Go Fund Me to buy him a new house.

Well, it seems that crowdfunding can finance just about anything, with some British women using it to buy themselves new breasts. Or, at least, bigger ones!

It took one woman three months to raise the 4,450 she needed for a boost from a 34A to a 34DD. How? She signed up to the controversial US website MyFreeImplants.com. Men can also join, and every time a man sent her a message, they automatically donated one dollar. Pictures, videos and webcam chat cost more. The site charges commission of 19 cents per dollar.

It must beat saving up or taking out a loan. And it's an interesting take on getting free 'support'! (Sorry!)

But is it a good idea? BAAPS, The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, thinks not. They claim the site's function of matching women with strangers who will fund their cosmetic surgery is degrading, and trivialises what should be a serious decision.

Clearly, the 545 British women and 900 British men with active profiles disagree. That's an increase of 70 per cent on last year.

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