5 Super Ways to Keep Your Skin Super Healthy

in General 01 January 1999

Happy skin is healthy skin, and healthy skin can do wonders for creating a happier, more confident way of life. While it’s important to take care of your body as a whole, the largest organ of the body might warrant just a little extra attention.

Not only does having healthy skin do wonders for boosting self-confidence, but it is also important for maintaining good health in general. Don’t leave anything up to chance when it comes to your epidermis, and start practicing these 5 tips for healthier skin today!

1) Show the sun some respect… not your skin – Without a doubt one of the easiest ways to keep your skin healthy is to take the proper precautions when it comes to sun exposure. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying yourself outside on a clear summer’s day, but maybe you should think twice before you fall asleep on your picnic blanket with only the sun’s warmth as your blanket. Too much exposure to the sun’s rays over a lifetime can cause wrinkles, sun spots, and other more serious health complications. Here are some basic guidelines to remember when enjoying yourself outdoors:

a. Shade is your friend. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying yourself in the sun for limited amounts of time, but if you’re spending the day outdoors try to spend at least some of it out of direct sunlight.

b. Wear protective clothing to make your own shade. If shade isn’t an option, than be sure to create some of your own with protective clothing. Wide-brimmed hats, long sleeves and pant legs, and anything else to cover up areas of exposed skin should be used regularly.

c. Sunscreen! Use sunscreen and use it often! A common misconception is that sunscreen’s only place is at the beach and by the pool; wrong! Anytime you’re going to be outside for prolonged periods of time in direct sunlight, be sure to grab a tube and apply regularly

2) Smoking isn’t healthy, and that includes for your skin. While there are ample reasons for not smoking, you can add “makes skin look old and causes wrinkles” to the list. The best way to keep your skin healthy while smoking? Stop smoking!

3) Your skin is good to you; return the favor! You can thank your skin for a lifetime of, well, life! Give your skin a treat every now and then, like a rubdown with a quality skincare product. Not sure what to get that special epidermis in your life? Neostrata skin care should be just the thing to make it glow.

4) Eat right. Drink Water. Remember that your skin is part of a larger system – it’s called your body. Eating a healthy diet and making sure you drink plenty of water each day will ensure that the whole system stays in tip-top condition. The healthier you are, the healthier your skin will look.

5) Keep your stress levels low. The term “worry lines” exists for a reason, and you can be sure that you don’t want to end up with some. High levels of stress can do more than just plaster a permanent grimace on your face though; constantly worrying can cause acne breakouts and a number of other skin problems.

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